Transform chord symbols into real note chords

• Jan 6, 2016 - 11:09

I'm looking for an easy way to create sheets for my reggae/ska band. As the bass player, I'm not a real expert in musical notation ;-) , especially writing chords takes some time for me.

What I'm looking for is some way to transform chord symbols like Cm7 into real chords. The plugin addchords only exists for MS 1.2 as far as I see, searching the handbook and the forums I drew a blank so far. Can somebody give me a hint/starting point?

I have some background with Qt (although with the PyQt wrapper) so I might try to convert the plugin to QML although I'd rather not - I find documentation scarce and confusing, more often than not you are directed to pages treating MS 1.x. I guess this has been said before but I think the plugin situation for MS 2.0 would improve with better structure of the web site and some tutorials.

That said, I love MS2.0 ... and everybody should go and buy Marc's book - very helpful (except on the subject of plugins ;-) )!


There has been some talk of someday adding something like this, but doing it well - coming up with appropriate voicings and rhythms for the style of the piece and instruments - is a monumental undertaking, and one that is already performed well by other software like Impro-Visor.

I think rather than invest effort in a plugin, it would be better to come up with a plan for how we might put together a rudimentary built-in facility that just gave you whole notes (or whatever) in plain root position and let you sort things out from there, and/or found a way of integrating with something like Impro-Visor. So far though, it hasn't risen high enough in priority to make the cut.

Thanks for the plug, btw, and of course you are right that my book doesn't cover writing plugins, and unfortunately that whole area of MuseScore is rather under-documented (and still somewhat under-developed).

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