best soundfont?

• 7 years ago

which is the best soundfont gm for you?


Does anyone know of a sound font which might contain drum and cymbal rolls? Snare, tympani, and suspended cymbals rolls especially would be most welcome.

Some years ago I was using a Kurzweil sound module which had its own disk drive by with which you could add different samples as they became available. I was able to obtain these and many more “patches.”

By the way, I think MuseScore is a terrific resource.

I doubt that you can find two people to agree on a 'best soundfont gm'. Throughout the years, I have found that it's better to roll your own, which you can do fairly easily with the 'Viena' program available here:

Note that this is NOT the VieNNa program from Creative. This one is free and does not required any particular soundcard hardware. You can use this to extract presets from variuos soundfonts and combine them into your personal soundfont. It even allows you to tweak the sound, eg., change volume, correct pitch, add/remove reverb, etc. That's how I built the 125MB soundfont that I use routinely.


Everyone is likely to have different needs in a soundfont. My foucs is on instruments used in jazz and symphonic music. I've tried half a dozen or so different GM soundfonts (GM = Genera MIDI, meaning it implements the most common standard collection of instruments). So far, my favorite overall is one called GeneralUser GS 1.43 FluidSynth (

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