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• Jan 11, 2016 - 01:49

I am having problems using the jump functions, D.S. al Coda, Segno, Coda, and To Coda. I do not have a problem with D.S. and Segno; it seems to be doing what its function is designed for.

Because I am having trouble with the coda functions, I am resorting to using the D.S. as a partial work-around; the only problem with that is it carries over the last measure that contains "D.S," which is what it was designed to do. Fortunately, the extra measure obtained this way fits into my concept for the part I am writing today.

I have read the instructional PDF, but its description of the coda functions is too sketchy for me. My interpretation of the method for applying coda is to 1) place coda signs on either side of the measure that I want to skip on the playthrough, 2) insert D.S. al Coda inside this measure, 3) place the Segno symbol at the place to which I want to jump, and 4) insert "To Coda" immediately before the first coda sign. But this is apparently wrong, because on the playthrough (after the jump), the music plays into the set-off measure instead of skipping it.

Please advise.


The exact same setup minus the coda sign before the measure should work. But that would be an odd way to write it.

How about this: 1) place first ending bracket over the measure you want to skip on playback the second time, 2) add repeat barline to that measure, 3) add start repeat barline to the place where you want to jump, and 4) insert second ending bracket on the measure immediately after the first ending and repeat barline.

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