Small sized rests

• Feb 22, 2011 - 20:24

Changing a passage to small sized notes is greatly aided by the ability to highlight a series of notes, right-clicking onto any one of them, and changing to small size. When done this way, the whole series of highlighted notes is changed to small size in one step.

Unfortunately, rests do not seem to work the same way. I highlight the passage, then I right-click onto one of the rests and change it to small size, as above. But the only one that is changed is single one I clicked. I have to repeat the process separately for every rest. This can be a tedious process for a full orchestral score (plus parts) with many cued passages involved.

Since the process works just fine for a series of notes, isn’t it an oversight that it does not also work for rests? Could this feature be added?


Good catch. I hadn't even noticed the rests in my cues were not being shrunk! I think for now I'll just live that, as doing it manually for each rest seems to painful. But sure, I'd expect that if you've highlighted a passgae that mixes notes and rests, that right clicking anywhere in the passage (on a note or a rest) should allow me to reduce the size of the whole passage. Right now the fact that a different dialog pops up depending on whether you've specifically right-clicked a rest versus a note is awkward to begin with and deserving of improvement, but the fact that it just doesn't even work for rests is a bug on top of that.

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