A big score and playback

• Feb 24, 2011 - 16:19

I have a question.

When using a big score, larger than the current window, each time i press playback, the score view jumps to the top of the score, effectively hiding the section i'm working on.

Is there a preference setting, or some sort of configuration function that i can set to induce playback, but keep the view where it is?




I would like to see this as well. Does anyone know if there is already a way to “anchor” the view at some designated point?

In the meantime, you might try reducing the size of your view to encompass more staves. Reduction to 75% for example might be useful in some situations. Perhaps the staff size would still be large enough to be readable and the view would encompass the staves you were needing to see. But this is not always a satisfactory solution.

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Yes, I can sympathize. Doing a full orchestral score and trying to monitor the celli and basses during playback is quite a challenge. Maybe someone will heed our plea and create a way of locking the vertical scrolling during playback.

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I too would love to see this! Along with playback, two other things that currently always reset the view to the top of the current system or page are chord entry and scrolling via page up/down. This makes working with large scores - ones in which one system takes up a full page vertically - much more awkward than need be.

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Yes. When scoring for a large ensemble, it is typical that one system might take up an entire page. Assuming your view is set large enough that the whole page doesn't fit on screen, if you position the view at the bottom of the page to see one of the bottom staves, then select a note and hit Ctrl-K to enter a chord symbol. The view immediately jumps to the top of the page, meaning you cannot see the chord you are entering (if you then scroll down, it works fine). I had submitted that as issue http://musescore.org/en/node/9338. Present in both 1.0 and trunk.

I mentioned that here because it seems possible the same root cause might be involved.

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Ok, I found one workaround: It seems that this automatic scrolling to the top of the page only occurs when the last/lowest staff is shown. So, I created few extra staffs to the bottom which are never used. So now I can see the last used stave during playback without it scrolling up.

Is there any improvement about that scrolling issue ?
The workaround, of course, do the trick but maybe that point deserves a more convenient solution, because the ease of viewing in play-back is a very important thing (I think), and is of great help for students, beginners or childs (especialy bassists !!).
It'd gain a lot being really easy and quick.
Will the next version improve this ?

Another (same) tread about this :
and another interesting idea in the feature requests :

Thanks to everyone who's doing really great job on this great software !
And Happy new year to all !

bump 11 years later and this bug still persists. It is possible to pull the bottom lines down to the bottom of the screen but I'd say we most more than a few aspiring composers over the last decade to this one alone...

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