White Diamond heads

• Jan 24, 2016 - 05:45

So, I've used the diamond heads features here are some problems I'm facing:

1. When I use a diamond head from the Note Heads palette (for string instruments, say violins), I want it to be ALWAYS WHITE (for harmonics). The problem is that it turns black when used in conjunction with black notes.

2. When I drag a diamond from the symbols palette, I get a white diamond head, but I don't know how to attach it to the existing note (I want it to be like a double note, with the original at the bottom and the diamond head on top). I can place it correctly, but there's no stem attaching it to the bottom note.

3. I'm not a violinist, but I'm working as a transcriber for one. He says the playback of these diamond head notes are wrong in terms of violin harmonics. No idea what's wrong, but just passing the message.

Any help with the white diamond heads appreciated.


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If you just want to get the right pitch, I'd set the notated note to not play using the Inspector, then add an extra invisible staff for playback (or use another voice and make the notes invisible).

if you want the actual sound of harmonics, you'll probably need to find a special-purpose soundfont that includes it.

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