Trumpet in F

• Jan 25, 2016 - 03:56

The Trumpet in (high) F is missing from the list of instruments, which is a bit annoying when transcribing some music, such as Mahler and Bruckner. It's not a particularly obscure instrument, and while I can "create" one by changing the transposition settings, I see no reason not to include it in the standard catalog of instruments.


Can you give more information about this instrument? The range for amateur, for professional, the transposition in diatonic and chromatic steps? The name and shortname you would use?

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I came here about to make a similar suggestion for other trumpet keys.

Specifically, in addition to F...

Trumpet it in E (not Eb), Take the existing values for Trumpet it in Eb and raise them all a half step

Trumpet in A (not piccolo trumpet in A). Take the values for Bb trumpet and lower them all a half step. Duplicate the same resulting values for Cornet in A.

Would also be nice to have Cornet in C (duplicate values from C trumpet).

Like F, these are used almost exclusively in orchestral music.

No reason for it not to be included in a future release provided you supply naming and range information.

In the short term I suggest that you set up a template particularly for these 19th century composers (I've just been reading about this via Google and Wagner uses the same instrument). That way you only have to reassign the range and transposition once, and can simply recall it by using the template to begin your piece.

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