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• Feb 10, 2009 - 02:20

I am writing for percussion ensemble, so I would a bigger choice under the percussion choices under staff input. All of these instruments are becoming more and more common in other genres as well, so it should happen eventually

Marimba, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Snare Drum, cymbals (Sus. and Crash), gong, Toms, Clavs

That is a good start. An option for a simple Percussion line would do for now, with user input for title. Keyboard percussion right now we are forced to use a piano and rename, some that doesnt always work. Especially given roll notation on Percussion Keyboard Instruments.



I added new percussion instruments to MuseScore (see 12.Feb and 13.Feb of the ChangeLog ). The new instruments should show up in the next prerelease.

General MIDI does not appear to have sounds for sustain cymbal or gong so I did not add these instruments.

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I am excited to see the new release as soon as its built. This is a great step forward for everyone who is work on percussion intensive music. I personally have a new arrangement I am working on for a moderately large percussion ensemble. As time goes on I my request more instruments and other functionality that needs to be added.

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Check your preferences point to the default instrument list. Go to Edit > Preferences > General. The "Instrument List" should be :/data/instruments.xml

Also check you are running the latest prerelease. From the main menu choose Help > About and check it says 0.9.5 r1598.

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To see the new percussion instruments go to File > New Score... and create new score from scratch. The percussion group used to only include drumset, timpani, and triangle; all the rest are new.

It sounds like you were looking for claves in the drumset staff. How are claves normally written?

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I don't usuall notate them - all the players I use understand clave. But, I'm writing new music for the band and it helps me to use the sequencer in MS to check the pitches and rhythms I'm writing. I was looking in the drumset.
I see it now.
I am simply adding a new instrument to my existing scores.

I have now added claves to a piece, but, similar to what I have mentioned in the "Drum Crashes" thread I recently started, I am unable to add the claves without crashing. .

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