TOP and DOWN pressing doesn't show a natural sign

• Mar 1, 2011 - 15:23
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won't fix

See picture. First note was a deep F# , I entered later a "F" and try to set a natural for this higher "F", this natural can only manually be inserted through drag'n'drop.

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No natural sign was required on the second F - accidentals apply only to the notes on the same line or space. Entering an accidental on that note anyhow even though it is not required and has no actual effect (th note is played the same with or without the natural sign) is called a "courtesy accidental". It is indeed a good idea to use these, but it *should* be a somewhat different process to enter these, because these are entirely optional and up to you. You can use drag and drop, but I much prefer using a keyboard shortcut. I forget what the default is because I have customized so many of mine - see Edit->Preferences->Shortcuts). It's listed as just "Natural" in 1.0.

The same thing happens, BTW, if you want to add a sharp or flat that are not technically needed, such as in a piece in the key of D where you put a natural sign on an F in one measure, then wish to use an F# in the next measure. No sharp sign is required, ecause the natural sign has expired, but it's a good idea to include one anyhow as a reminder. It would be wrong MuseScore to put a sharp sign on the note automatically because it is *not* required, so you need to use an explicit command (drag or keyboard) to add the courtesy accidental.

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> accidentals apply only to the notes on the same line or space
Oh, really? Then I must complete "re"-learn this in my music-theory, I never know that accidentals applies only in the same (!) line. :-)

So, only to better understanding for me: Is it right when I say, accidentals are "lost" when the octave is changed?

Yes. Also if the staff changes - in piano music, if you put a sharp sign on middle C in the top staff, it doesn't apply to the same middle C in the bass clef staff.