how to set tempo in musescore 2

• Jan 27, 2016 - 12:22

. Dear Musescore
I have recently uploaded THE LORD IS MY HELPER. user 164474. I wanted a slower tempo and spent ages reading up on community correspondence and trying to work out Inspector.The set tempos under Tempo did not suit the score I am 78 and hardly computer literate.. I long for the Italian terms of the old Musescore. I'd be very grateful for a word of advice especially as the score i am working on has the same problem!
Many thanks Merle


So you are talking about

right? The tempo text there says that you want 80 dotted quarters per minute, this results in a BPM setting of 120 (quarter notes per minute), as seen in the Inspector, if the "Follow Text" box is checked.

What other tempo do you want? Simply edit that tempo text and change the number.

Andante in MuseScore 1.3 is 96BPM, for dotted quarters that translates to 64

See also and

Attached your score with a tempo text of "Andante" and a setting of 96BPM

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It's really pretty simple, you don't need to use the Inspector at all. Just enter the actual tempo you want right there in to the tempo text itself. if you want 78 dotted quarters per minute, simply enter that as the tempo right there in the tempo text, and you're done.

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