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• Jan 31, 2016 - 00:12

Is there a way to use the measure repeat but for multiple times? Example: a bar of eighth notes, I would like that bar to repeat 15 times, the bar of eighth notes would be bar 1 the next bar will have the measure repeat with a 15 on top the the third bar will be bar 17. Need the repeated measure to
count all bars. I don't want to put a measure repeat and put 15 with a text box then all parts are out of whack.


The standard way to notate that is to use the measure repeat symbol 15 times, or to put repeat signs around the measure and put the text "Play 15 X" or the like. The latter only works if all parts repeat of course.

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Mark, it is a shame that a repeat property (and an annotation text) can't be directly added on the repeat measure symbol, which is the convention I'm used to. The problem with adding explicit repeat bars around the repeated measure is it screws up if that is itself nested inside a repeated section. For example,

|: measure1 | measure2 |: (repeat previous measure 3x) :| measure6 :|

Hopefully that is readable. On playback the nested repeat symbols cause mayhem. I've attached a simple score showing the problem.


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Not just on playback, nested repeats are not proper notation and a leading cause of wasted time in rehearsal, train wrecks in performance, etc.

Anyhow, you can add annotations to the repeat bars. No way to get the computer-generated playback to honor it, but the human musicians paying the score will understand just fine.

If you add the annotation as a Symbol (press "Z") then it centers directly on the repeat symbol. If you add it as plain text it unfortunately does not. But, it turns out it is already implemented a way to center text in a measure, and that is to enter it as repeat text and then set the horizontal alignment to center.

I know this is a bit late, but other people may see this.
You have right click on the last bar that has to be repeated, then press 'Bar Properties...'. In the window that pops up, change the number in the right hand corner.

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I'm also looking to pull this off. If I select a bar/measure (not the rest in it), and right click I have:

Staff/Part Properties...
Measure Properties...

I see no "Bar Properties..." and nothing applicable in the dialogs for the above menu items. All I want to do is stuff like this:
measure |: (repeat previous measure 3x) :|

I'm on Mac, latest MuseScore, 3.6.2.

How do I do this?

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Found it. I have a followup question:

I want notation that shows this repetition, "x8" or so above the repetition sign. What is the best way/how to do this? Should I write it manually using Staff text for instance? Best would be if it was generated from the play count setting, I speculate.

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