• Feb 1, 2016 - 05:05

I am trying to put a tuplet into split common transposition. The bar has the following order of notes"
1. One dotted (extended) quaver
2. One semiquaver
3.One tuplet of semiquavers
4.One crotchet tied to the last semiquaver of the tuplet
5. One dotted (extended) quaver
6. One semiquaver
This all ads up to the full 4 beats in the split common timing.
BUT... the tuplet will NOT appear as a SEPARATE group?
The beam of the tuplet is joined to the first two notes which, visually, makes it difficult to play.
I have re-installed the latest MuseScore software, which is still not separating the note group, and I have never come across this problem before. Any ideas?


It is usually easier to help if you post the score you are having trouble with. By my count, you've only descrbed three beats, unless by "tuplet" in step 3 you mean 6 of them instead of just 3. If that's what you mean, then the beaming I get looks totally correct:


But in any case, while MuseScore normally beams according to standard music engraving practice, if you have some special reaosn to want non-standard beaming, or if you have encountered an unusual exception where the default is *not* in fact correct (it is in this case), see the Handbook under "Beam" and also "Time signature" to learn how to override the defaults.

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