MuseScore Symphony 2nd movement now online

• Feb 4, 2016 - 02:17

Honestly, it wasn't my intention to write a whole symphony dedicated to the MuseScore team, just a short first movement. But, well, ya know... So now there's an Andante to go with the Allegro.

  Symphony in D minor, II: Andante

The playback in this movement is different from the first in that most of the instruments are external plugins (via Carla), allowing for precise control of reverb, stereo width, panning and levels of individual instruments and sections. (The first movement was done entirely within MuseScore.) The overall sound is quite different (better, IMO), but, like the first movement, no equalization was applied anywhere. Shows how significantly the mix influences the realism of the sound. Or, if not realism, the overall musical satisfactoriness.


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