Snap to Grid or Rulers/Guidelines

• Mar 12, 2011 - 21:36

One great feature would be the ability to set a "snap to grid" size for floating objects like text. Esp when you are making a sheet with a lot of repeated fingerings, etc. Then lining them up nicely would be easy. Another way to do it would be to have rulers on the top and side that you could drag guidelines out from (like Gimp or Inkscape) that free floating objects could snap to.


I think a general "snap to" capability would be very useful. I suspect that this is difficult, depending on design philosophy.

Thanks so much for wonderful, useful software, and a great "community".


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It still seems to me custom styles solves the problem *better* than snap-to settings. You could create "fingering" style that placed the finger exactly the right distance from the staff the very first time. With snap, you'd still to drag every fingering after placing it. Of course, having *both* would be even better, because I'm sure there are some thing that custom styles might not handle. But fingerings seem like they are more easily solved with custom styles.

I was writing a piece that has much repetition in it, and I can almost never get two voltas to line up... it would be nice to set up a snap so that the voltas would all be, say x.x sp above the top of the staff....

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This much could be handled even better if there were Style settings for voltas. You shouldn't even have to take action to snap them anywhere - they should just show up where you set it up in the Style settings. Looks like in 2.0, voltas *do* line up automatically, but I don't see a way to control *where* they line up, should you not like the default position.

Sometime back I supplied a couple of "rulers" to make this job easier. You can drag them onto a MuseScore page, expand them to whatever size you wish, then use them to align things (especially text). Then of course you delete them before saving or printing.

They are attached again.

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