Drumkit Balance? Arpeggio Speed?

• Feb 20, 2016 - 04:48

Any way we could get a balancing feature with the drum set? Just a way to push the snare WAY up and adjust the cymbals without having to add in 4 different cymbal/snare instruments just to fix it. Maybe a drop-down menu in the mixer? Just an idea, if this hasn't already been implemented and is just hiding from me...

Also, is there a way to adjust the speed of the arpeggio to something faster or slower than that of the (approximate) 32nd note in the playback? Not a huge issue, by any means, but just something that's been bugging me for a while. It sounds especially sluggish when a guitar or piano is rolling at, say, 60 BPM or so...


Unfortunately your first request is not possible due to the limitations of a GM drumset, which has no mechanism for adjusting the volume of the various components of the set.

The only way to achieve this currently is by using the Inspector to adjust the respective velocities.

The only way you can currently balance a drumset is to have each component on a separate stave.

XG and GS drumsets can use MIDI Non Registered Paramater Numbers to control various parameters for each drumset component including pitch and level, but currently there is no way to use these in MuseScore, and it is by no means certain that our customised version of the Fluid soundfont player would recognise them, even though the mainstream FluidSynth does so.

This is not to say that we couldn't support this in the future, but it will need someone familiar with this area of the code to implement it.

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We *could* conceivably add a field to the drum set definition that allows you to specify a velocity offset for every note in your drumset. That actually shouldn't be difficult at all. It would mean your drumset definition would only make sense for the specific soundfont you optimized it for, though.

Meanwhile, you could simply try different soundfonts - or different drumsets within the default soundfont - to see if one happens to be balanced more to your taste.

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GS / XG / (and maybe GM2) drumset volume mechanism (NRPN) :


Drum TVA Level
CC99	26	Drum Instrument TVA Level Command (Volume)
CC98	0-127	Drum Instrument's Note Number 
CC6	0-127	Set Value here (Selected Drum Instrument's Volume)
CC101	127	(Finishing Job 1)
CC100	127	(Finishing Job 2)

Messages must be separated at minimum 5 midi ticks @ 480TPQN

Yamaha XG Spec, PDF Page 11 (inner page number is 10):

1AH rrH mmH Drum Level
rr:drum instrument note number

All Roland GS module's spec, SC-55, Page 75 (very bottom):
Same instructions...
1AH rrH mmH

GM2-v12a (Cryptic recommendations)

4.8 Key-Based Instrument Controllers
[Refer to Complete MIDI 1.0 Detailed Specification 1999 or later - "Key-Based Instrument Controllers"]
Allows the control of Volume, Pan, Reverb Send Level, Chorus Send Level, etc., for individual Note numbers in the GM2 Percussion Sound Set programs.

When a new percussion sound set is selected by a Program Change message, the receiving device should adopt the preset setting for each key-based instrument.
The following items can be adjusted per Note number in GM2. Units are provided where appropriate.

CC#	nn	Name		vv		Description		Default
07	07H	Volume		00H-40H-7FH 	0 -100 (*1)		40H
10	0AH	Pan		00H-40H-7FH 	Left-Center-Right(Abs.)	(Preset value)
91	5BH	Reverb Snd Lvl 	00H-7FH 	0 - Max. (Absolute) 	(Preset value)
93	5DH	Chorus Snd Lvl 	00H-7FH 	0 - Max. (Absolute) 	(Preset value)

(*1)  (127/64) * 100 (%) (Relative)

Melody Channels shall not respond to this message.
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