SoundFont with good pipe organs?

• Feb 22, 2016 - 04:03

Back when I had a windows based computer, I found a nice soundfont with a great sounding pipe organ... it had a nice growl in the base notes kinda like what you hear in the pipe organ in this orchestra:
"The Phantom of the Opera overture by the Orlando Pops Orchestra"

But now that I switched over to linux, I lost the soundfont... forgot the name and can't find it. Anybody know of any soundfont that has a pipe/church organ that sounds like that? Are you currently using one? Does NOT have to be the specific soundfont I was using, just needs to have that pipe organ growl. Without that growl most people know about, a pipe organ doesn't sound 100% complete... tbh.

Thanks a bunch.


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I have downloaded this sets of sound fonts, but I have some questions.
Do I have to put different sounds in different systems (I mean instruments) or I can change the sound during the middle of the piece?
I notice that the sound fonts do not have any hall effect. How can I change the settings for these sound fonts?

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