Score preview shows correctly, score opens without errors, but no score is visible.

• Feb 23, 2016 - 09:13


Using MuseScore 2.0.2, revision f51dc11, I created a score, 4 parts, modified it, saved it, etc. I saved it to a network drive. I then closed MuseScore, and a few minutes later decided to make one more edit before heading to bed for the night. I opened the .mcsz file (no file with an extension ending in a comma was present), but the score did not display. I closed all the open files (I had set MuseScore to restore my previous session). I closed MuseScore. I opened MuseScore. The score in question shows in the Start Center, and the thumbnail appears correct. However, if I open it, it still shows no data. See the attached screenshots.

I made a copy of the .mcsz file, renamed it to .zip, and unzipped it with 7-zip. The unzip resulted in a file and directory structure, but there were a couple of errors saying "unsupported compression method for" the thumbnail and the .mscx file. I tried on a file I knew opened correctly, and did not get the errors, but also did get the thumbnail as displayed in the Start Center. I tried making a copy of the file and moving it somewhere else. No change. I checked %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore2 for a backup file but the only ones I found were from last fall, and though openable, were not the score I'm looking for.

Clearly the thumbnail for my new score was generated correctly at some point, and the .mcsz file is not zero bytes, so, without having to print a screenshot of the thumbnail and use a magnifying glass, or without having to download the source, compile, and debug (I program for my day job, music is what I'm not paid to do), how do I go about recovering the data?


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Looking at your Start Center screenshot, I see two "Waltz in F Major" thumbnails. Have you tried opening the other one?

As already mentioned, attaching the actual MuseScore file is the best practice for this type of problem.

[Also, "The Nutcracker" appears to have a sessions backup file name (scN11076). Did you have a system/app crash?]


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The second thumbnail was because I made a copy of the .mcsz file and tried to open the copy, with the same result.

The Nutcracker has a sessions backup file because it was one of the files I found in the AppData folder, which I tried opening to make sure it opened, then used to unzip and compare with the results when I unzipped the score in question. There may have been a crash last fall, but generally things have been working fine.

I have had this problem happen before, but I was transcribing a Tuba or Trombone part for a Euphonium played as a B flat instrument, so I still had the music, I just had to redo work.

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The file seems corrupted in an unusual way. An MSCZ file is a ZIP archive, and I can open yours in a regular ZIP program, but I can't manage to extract the MSCX file from within it, and that's why it shows up blank. Perhaps some other ZIP program might fare better. If you manage to extract the MSCX file from within the archive, you can open that directly.

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I tried IZArc instead of 7-Zip just now. The "Test" button says the container.xml and thumbnail.png files are okay, and I can in fact open the thumbnail. But the .mscx file isn't listed in the test results, and if I try to open it, I get an error message saying "Bad offset to local header".

I'm guessing somehow the compressed version of the .mscx file got corrupted. Unless someone has any other ideas (I'm open to editing the mscz file in a hex editor and changing values), I guess I'll just have to use the preview to recreate.

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