Filling up the page for parts. (Solved)

• Feb 25, 2016 - 05:13

So I created a score for Winds a few weeks ago called "The Shadows of the Forest." I recently made parts, as for the image attached the parts haven't been edited to look good yet, the picture I attached is the rough sample of the 1st Flute part, as you can see it only goes about halfway through the page. Now my question is, which I researched before asking and got no results, there a way to make the measures reach the very bottom of the page so that it fills up the paper properly like most if not all professional parts.

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Roberto R.
RIRGranados Music

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You can adjust the layout of the parts independently of the score. Each part can be formatted independently, but in the parts there is also a button called "for all parts" (or similar).

For formatting a page you will use information from: (Scaling, Margins)… (Max. system distance) (Spacing)

Are you sure you want to stretch it to the bottom of the page, though? In any professional part, as well, those three lines would normally not be spaced evenly between the top and bottom of the page. I think the parts you're looking at probably have more content than twelve measures of playing, five of them consisting of whole notes, surrounded by multimeasure rests.

To make that look professional, I would probably add a line break a couple of bars before C to even things out, and definitely edit the rehearsal mark style to position them higher up, but keep it on three lines in the top half of the page.

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