Sound is too slow

• Mar 29, 2011 - 01:10
S5 - Suggestion

I have MuseScore 1.0 on Ubuntu 10.10 and I have a problem with the sound. The sound will play perfectly for a few measures when you hit play. After about 2 measures, the sound will start to break up and go slower and it'll lose touch with the blue line and the quality will be so bad that I can't tell anything from the sound anyway. Any ideas to get the sound to work? I don't think it's a software issue because the Windows version worked just fine.


Do you run MuseScore 1.0 on the same computer on Windows and Ubuntu?
Which type of computer you use for Ubuntu ? Processor, RAM etc ... ? It's possible that your computer power is too small to handle the playback. You might want to try a smaller soundfont .

Pretty sure I already replied to this but whatever. It was the same computer. Acer One Aspire, 1GB RAM, Intel Atom N455 (1.6 GHz). The soundfont I installed is already the smallest one on that list (5.7MB).

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If you have too many programs running, they might slow down MuseScore. The first thing you will notice is platback slowdown.

I close this issue.