GSoC 2020 Week 11 Recap: All Features Implemented

Posted 3 years ago

Just a short video for you today:

See you next week. ;-)

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Absolutely fantastic! Especially great considering the huge disruption of having your system go down.

One thing about the number I have no real insight into but wonder about - will some wish the ability to start counting with 1 instead of 2? I could imagine that being a style setting, or perhaps an "offset" setting in the Inspector to override, a show/hide toggle. Not that you need to do any of this of course, just thinking about what to possibly leave room for, like you did for the N-bar repeats.

BTW, I vote for 4 being the default intervals.

Regarding tests, the original "mtest" framework" is probably the hardest to deal with but the most flexible. I would hope you can do everything you need with the "testscript" facility, though. A few "vtests" would also be called for too.