GSoC 2019: App Store-like Plugin Manager

Posted 6 months ago

Hi! My name is Songchao Wang, an undergraduate student in University of Science and Technology of China and I am pleased to participate in Google Summer of Code this year. Here I'll explain what I plan to do to improve MuseScore during the summer.

Advanced users of MuseScore would use plugins to help them when writing scores. (For those who don't know of plugins, see here to learn how to add plugins to your MuseScore, and the plugin repository for what plugins are available at present)

The procedure of installing a plugin is now inconvenient, and even frustrating for users that are not familiar to computer operations. However, imagine how you would install and manage apps on a mobile phone via App Store. And we think it's a good idea to do so similarly for MuseScore plugins.

My project is titled "App Store-like Plugin Manager", the goal of which is to improve the plugin manger in MuseScore, so that you can browse, download/install, enable/disable and remove plugins totally in one single dialog! See this page for the detailed design. There's some real UI demos too.

Though some discussions have already happened before, some designs haven't been fixed yet and others are just out of my own mind. So your suggestions are strongly welcomed! Especially on UI, interaction logic, or even implementation approaches.

I've made a draft PR that has already demonstrated part of these features. These days I plan to continue to work on the PR and implement the features that are supposed to be basic and non-controversial.

Other information for reference:
- The GitHub repository that contains all materials related to the project. Some materials that are likely to be frequently updated are kept there. But I'll also mention it in future blogs.
- The discussion thread in forum: Possible Design of App Store-like Plugin Manager. Though the daily progress is more likely to be recorded in blogs, future formal discussions on major issues related to the project are probably to be discussed there.

Thank you for your reading and feel free to leave your comments!