GSoC : Week 7

Posted 7 years ago

This week I was working on implementing read and write for the current implementation of Range Annotation.
The code for the same can be found in this branch :
It is writing successfully, but it cannot find the measure during read. Anyhow, it makes more sense to take care of it after we port the implementation to be spanner based, since we would want to be able to select the range annotation and set various properties. The range annotation would have "segments" as well, similar to the other spanners, and selecting one should get the range annotation to be selected. I moved to a new place this week, and I've begun work on the same.
I also fixed a few bugs for the current implementation. You can check this out here :

You can either highlight a single chordrest or a range, by selecting one and doing Add -> Annotation -> Range Annotation.

This week I shall work on implementing Range Annotation as a child of Spanner, thereby facilitating selection and editing, among other things.
Until later,