GSoC weekly update : August 15th to August 21st

Posted 7 years ago

This was my final week working on the Annotation support project as part of GSoC 2016.
I'm happy to announce that we have a tool for Annotations in place!
This is what a score with multiple annotations looks like :

As you can see, you can add text annotations and/or range annotations. For the range annotation, you can set the properties like top, bottom, left, right margins, color and border width from the inspector as shown in the picture.

I worked on setting up the Inspector UI for the range annotations this week. Initially I had the four margins using the existing properties of TOP_MARGIN, BOTTOM_MARGIN, and so on. These are implemented as qreals rather than spatium, and the inspector thereby was in mm units rather than spatium units. Hence, I made four new properties for the range annotation which use spatium units, so that they scale appropriately. I also fixed an issue of incorrect layout on loading a score until the score gets updated. For this I made changes in the layoutSystem function to only employ the current system when calculating the start and end points of the range annotation (rather than calculating them and laying out the segments in parts according to the coordinates, calculate and lay out for each system as you proceed)
Apart from that, I also cleaned up the code and submitted a pull request :

You can find my work product here :…

I will continue to work on making this better whenever I get time even after GSoC. Feel free to share your inputs :)



Looks good! Could you make a screencast? If you don't feel comfortable talking over the screencast, no worries, keep it mute. Thanks!