GSoC : Week 8

Posted 7 years ago

Last week I tried to understand the implementation of spanners more clearly. I specifically concentrated on hairpin.cpp and hairpin.h at first, by playing around with the hairpin, and seeing how the data structures are reflected.
I also spent time on seeing how the parent classes are implemented (TextLineSegment and SLine, in that order of hierarchy)
I also looked at slur.cpp and slur.h, which inherit from the base class SlurTie . I looked at the implementation of spanners wrt slur.
Among these, I looked at Slur::layout and Slur::layoutSystem in detail. I had a few doubts which I got cleared with the help of mentor (Confusion whether to have both in our implementation, decided to keep both)
I also looked at Slur::fixupSegments to understand how the spannerSegments are added to the spanner .
Also, in the existing implementation of range annotation, both the drawing and layout is being done in scoreview , and I looked at how to approach the splitting of the layout part of it in a separate layout function.
Overview of implementation, as to where the layout and draw function will go was finalised.
This week I shall be working on implementing the same.

Until later,