GSoC weekly update

Posted 7 years ago

This week I began the coding for the implementation of range annotation as a spanner. However, I caught a viral fever earlier this week, which stalled the work for a few days. I am feeling better now, and can resume working on the same.
I created a new branch for the implementation. This can be found here :

I looked into the flow of spanner creation, spanner segment creation, and layout in more detail and still have a few questions in mind. Most of it is clear to me now though, and I have written the pseudo code for the same in the current branch, keeping the control flow in mind. The layout flow I have in mind is as follows :
Score:collectSystem calls the layoutSystem for Range Annotation in order to create and layout the range segments one by one, which in turn calls layoutSegment for layout of the individual segments depending upon their types.
I will proceed further once the current code is given a green signal.
The coming week, I plan to complete the layout and draw for the range as a spanner, thereby having a basic implementation of range annotation in place, leaving mainly read/write to deal with.

Until later,