Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Lajittele laskeva Last updated
Parts dialog: non-editable (previously created) parts - instrument names should be greyed out active 3.2 0 8 kuukautta
Make line grips disappear while adjusting active 0 5 vuotta
Using unknown XML-entities results in fail to open file active P3 - Low 3.2 0 7 kuukautta
convert sequence of eighth notes into triplet active 0 5 vuotta
Articulations causing issues with MIDI input active 3.2 0 7 kuukautta
Right click menu for insertion of header tags active 3.2 0 7 kuukautta
Staff spacers: Down and Fixed types wrongly positioned when applied to tablature active 3.2 0 6 kuukautta
Changing time signature with linked staves overrides manual adjustments active 0 4 vuotta
Improve alignment of duration dots after notes active 0 4 vuotta
Let parenthesis encompass also accidentals of noteheads upon utilizing shortcut active 3.2 0 5 kuukautta
Switching of playback devices is not recognized active 0 4 vuotta
Measure Property Tab bug active 0 4 vuotta
Weird zap/beep sound sounds during playback active 3.2 0 5 kuukautta
Toggle mmRest, position view not repositionned to last measure selected active 0 4 vuotta
Missing Version Resource in Musescore.exe active 0 4 vuotta
Deleting "Advanced edited" workspace overwrites "Basic edited" workspace active P1 - High 3.x-dev 0 4 kuukautta
Clef Between Grace Notes active 0 4 vuotta
Deleting a "long" char from text messed up the text active 0 4 vuotta
Inability to color texts (Begin/Continue/End) of theText lines ? active 3.3 0 3 kuukautta
Export arpeggios in MIDI format causes a mess active 0 4 vuotta
Local Time Signatures behave like global Time Signatures. active 3.3 0 2 kuukautta
Additive Time Signatures Do Not Appear Properly in the Gonville Font active 3.4 0 2 kuukautta
Crash when apply changes to midi import panel after moving/deleting midi file active 2.1 0 3 vuotta
French translations on Transifex are not pushed to Resource manager active 3.x-dev 0 1 viikko
Chord slides: Accidental causes wrong layout active 2.1 0 3 vuotta