Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Lajittele nouseva Replies Last updated
Tie direction for chords on tab staves non-deterministic? active 1 8 vuotta
L-shaped sign for hand distribution (piano) active 10 3 vuotta
Midi remote control - Unable to delete assignment active 1 6 vuotta
Continuous view is interrupted by frames active 6 7 vuotta
Orchestral Brass instruments active 4 1 vuotta
[Mac] Cannot minimise or close Pianoroll Editor or Edit Drumset via shortcut active 2 8 vuotta
Multi-measure rest does not cover all measures with rest, IF... ... active 8 4 kuukautta
Midi export: Instruments not correct needs info 9 7 vuotta
MacOS Build : "make -f Makefile.osx xcode" fails if QT is not installed in the user's home directory active 0 8 vuotta
Laissez Vibrer: Chords tied to nothing active 19 1 viikko
Software doesn't open when clicked. active 4 7 vuotta
[need-to-discuss][Piano Roll] The deletion behavior in the piano roll active 3 6 vuotta
Dialogues forgot size and position active 1 7 vuotta
[New Website] Language switch missing active 23 4 vuotta
Stem and hook(flag of chord becomes sub-merged if note is moved upwards active 5 2 vuotta
Missing screenshot in GNOME Software needs info 1 6 vuotta
Tablature shown as treble staff in "Instruments" when Clef is hidden active 2 6 vuotta
Changing position in text style alters position of manually adjusted elements active 0 8 vuotta
Templates show odd key signature behaviour for transposing instruments active 0 10 vuotta
Lyric margins and spacing not well-preseved importing 1.3 score active 5 7 vuotta
Augmentation dot of grace note collides with fret mark/note active 3 7 vuotta
Tablature: fret marks are incorrectly reset (to default positions) after a transposition then UNDO active 2 1 vuotta
Changing instrument doesn't change part name active 4 8 vuotta
During playback, view doesn't jump to topmost of the page active 0 7 vuotta
Notes still have "Stemless" off when the measure is stemless needs info 7 1 vuotta