Changing a one-staff score to a two-stave score

• 9月 6, 2019 - 09:23

I first created a score for right-hand only, one staff. I now wish to expand it to a score for two hands, i.e. a normal standard piano score with two staves. How do I do it? Thanks.


You can always change and adjust that score set-up(staff setting) in the Instruments dialog.

[Edit] -> [Instruments...]

Click "Staff 1" in the right pane, and then click [Add Staff] button. And click [OK] button.

「Adjustments to score after creation」…

[編集] → [楽器...] で表示される「楽器」ダイアログで変更や調整ができます.
右側ペインの "譜表 1" をクリックし,[譜表の追加] ボタンを押し,[OK] ボタンで変更を反映させます.



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