Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort ascending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Bar rests in parts are not attached to lines when moved in the score prior to part generation, if scaling differs active 3.6 1 9개월
Synthesizer: "Load from score" disables default soundfont; requires "Revert to factory settings" to correct active 3.6 0 9개월
Jack connection not working on Musescore 3.6.2 on MacOS 11.6. active 3.5 4 4개월
Chord symbols Spelling is shown erroneously. active 3.6 6 9개월
Old Hungarian text appeares left to right. The correct is right to left active 3.6 20 8개월
Request for flexible search mode switcher for certain region users. active 12 9개월
Navigation: Ctrl + R/L arrow should maintain focus on the currently selected voice active 3.6 4 8개월
Local Time signature not applied when targetted onto the existing time signature active P3 - Low 3.6 1 8개월
Musescore instantly crashes, will not remain open. active 3.6 3 8개월
Wrong cursor advancement on entry of non-voice 1 measure completing tied note. active 3.6 0 8개월
Chord symbol positioning doesn't scale with Page Scaling and font size active 3.6 0 8개월
More than 256 channels in the mixer causes it to play the sounds from the wrong staves. active 3.6 2 8개월
Unable to extract files from the extension active 3.6 1 8개월
Request for automatic handling of playback of unisons to avoid acoustic artifacts active 3.6 4 8개월
System language handling in tours and plugin manager active 3.6 1 8개월
ReadOnly preset workspace active 3.6 1 8개월
Allow upload/attachment of .workspace files active P2 - Medium 1 8개월
[MusicXML] Ties in cue notes active 3.6 13 8개월
Tempo mark (default): note glyph is too small in "Bravura" and "Petaluma" music fonts active 3.6 1 8개월
Lost changes in score with unrolled repeats active 3.5 4 8개월
Deleting an instrument in "Instruments in Parts" ("Parts" pop-up) may cause the modified part to display too many staves. active 3.6 9 6개월
Crash on pasting trill lines with accidental active 3.6 2 8개월
[MDL] Percussion Sounds Are Inconsistent During Playback active 3.6 2 8개월
Fretboard diagrams: for barres, allow user to specify a curved line (instead of a straight line) active 3.6 3 8개월
4.x-dev: difficulty with first-time opening of latest nightly active 4.x-dev 5 8개월