Only showing one page of each file

• okt 21, 2018 - 08:47

Last night, I downloaded a score from When I opened it, it was in a panorama format and I wanted it in a A4 page formate. Instead of just searching for how to change that, online, I went and looked on every setting in musescore, that I could find. Then I pressed the button that said resett all setting to the standard. But, now when I open a file in musescore, its only the first page thats showing, even if I know I have more than just one page in that score/file. It could be possible that I have pressed some buttons mistakingly last night, that told musescore to only open one page of each file, but I did press the reset all settings to standard setup, so that should not be the case. I hope the rest of the page of each file is not delted or anything like that.



For the record, most likely the score you downloaded had been saved in Continuous instead of Page view - see the dropdown in the middle of the main toolbar.

As for only seeing the first page, well, depending on how large you are viewing things, you might indeed only see one page at a time, but you can certainly scroll or other navigate to other pages.

Click below for my Quick Answer on how to navigate through a score:

Navigate Through A Score
Navigate Through A Score

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