Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Open with double-click/drag to icon without losing last session active 3.6 6 1 jaar
wavy lines don't draw diagonal, regardless of the setting of "allow diagonal" active 8 7 jaren
After correcting excess duration in a measure, the changes are undone when the score is reopened needs info 3.6 3 1 jaar
Wrong Instrument Audio When MIDI Keyboard Note is Played While NOT In Input Mode active 3.6 6 8 maanden
Shortening bar kills note active 0 7 jaren
Audio distortion on playback - brass band score. needs info 3.6 4 11 maanden
Advance Style Properties - Tablature Stave: Cannot save changes as Apply Button if off the bottom of screen active 3.6 1 1 jaar
Request for Mac-specific shortcuts for text editing active 17 4 jaren
No next or accept option needs info 3.6 2 9 maanden
Request to be able to hide system brackets individually active 3.6 3 1 jaar
Feature Requst: Move units selection to preferences as a global setting active 3.0 2 3 jaren
Percussion: note stem direction should follow "Edit Drumset" setting active 2.1 5 4 jaren
Selecting stems of multiply notes using the inspector needs info 3.6 2 7 maanden
KDE: Highlights on tour are dark/not very noticeable active 3.6 1 1 jaar
Add open tie element active 3.0 4 2 jaren
Single line staff is spaced as if five lines active 2.1 2 6 jaren
Player fails to respond after computer is idle for several hours needs info 3.6 5 4 maanden
Adding a note-anchored line to any but the top part/instrument crashes if parts are generated active 3.6 7 1 maand
Need way to generate parts by staff, not by instrument active 3.0 3 3 jaren
Function to creat auto generated ChordSymbols... active 0 7 jaren
Musescore crashed after trying to restore unexpected crash needs info 3.6 1 2 maanden
Request to synchronize note playback properties by default once it becomes possible to unlink them on command active 3.6 30 8 maanden
MIDI Input selector grayed-out (Windows 7 64-bit) active 6 4 jaren
Note Groups UI increase Mouse Click region size for each note PR created 2.1 10 3 jaren
Playback for Long Trills (over Multiple Bars) Cuts Out and/or Is Distorted active 3.6 6 4 weken