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Updated 1 year ago

Welcome to MuseScore development news and digest blog


FYI, processing scores on server was broken with 3.4 update. We had to create separate branch with the hotfix from pr #5639 (thanks to Howard!). Now, we are preparing hotfix update 3.4.1 and going to roll out it later today to prevent further bug reports asap


We decided to revert the changes to the MuseScore_General soundfont due to the regressions.

Current soundfont version is 0.1.6.


To collect artifacts from AppVeyor, add "collect_artifacts" to the commit message title. Read more


AppVeyor updated Windows images. We are now able to build Windows packages of MuseScore 3 with Qt 5.12.

Thanks to @shoogle's PR, we now have both 32 and 64-bit nightly builds of MuseScore 3 based on Qt 5.12.


We do have known issues with our CDN provider, so we temporarily switched all links to GitHub URLs. If you are not able to download the update or the package is incorrect, please download the packages directly from GitHub:


We again exceeded maximum allowed artifact storage size on AppVeyor. Sent the request to AppVeyor's support.
This is the reason of failed AppVeyor checks.

FIXED at UTC 12:22


Alpha 2 is very close to its release state.
We applied new categories in the issue tracker (see

GSoC 2018 Project "Score Diff Tool" was merged to master. Welcome testing!


A lot of pending PRs were merged yesterday including GSoC 2018 Project "Tours"

[FIXED] There is a known issue that Tour widget appears before closing Start Center window. We are working on the fix.


As you probably know, we changed the file format to make Diff Tool work.
The last available builds which can open the old files from development version are:

If you are testing issues in the tracker or you need to update your own files:

  • Open the MuseScore version mentioned in the downloading links above
  • Open old file you want to convert
  • Save (or Save As) the file

After saving, the file can be opened in recent development builds as well as in all further alpha/beta/release versions.


More than 1000 new users tried 3.0 alpha! Welcome aboard, brave people. :)

We changed the MuseScore file format a month ago to facilitate the introduction of a new tool: a scores comparator which shows the diff between two scores. From now on, you cannot open files created in early 3.0 development versions, so to use your files, open them in 3.0 alpha build and select "Save As... new file".


We updated the authorization engine on the website which may affect different user scenarios related to personal settings.
Should you find something is broken, please let us know.


MuseScore 3.0 alpha announced!

Highlight of the day:

  • Werner is implementing optimized algorithm for collision detection. You can check out the actual (pretty good) state on Windows 64-bit, Mac and Linux 64-bit.


We again exceeded maximum allowed artifact storage size on AppVeyor. Sent the request to AppVeyor's support.

UPD: AppVeyor increased the limit for us.


Created new 3.0alpha branch based on the current master.
If you already did a checkout of the previous 3.0alpha branch, please force a new checkout with the recent changes.


Reviewed all existing pull requests.
Closed outdated and already fixed ones.

Added new label "Priority" to define PRs which are aligned with the current most requested features.


We made good progress and will keep working on the following issues organized in epics which are mostly about positioning elements and text:

We mostly finished solving issues related to continuous view and text editing:


3.0alpha branch has been created.

We are preparing a MuseScore 3.0 public alpha release. Links to the packages are going to be put on the download page. This release is supposed to show the current state and the significant progress in 3.0 development as well as attract more users to test the editor.

All pull requests must be created against master as usual.