New trumpet patch?

• Aug 30, 2019 - 04:24

I've had a message telling me to update for a while now, so I finally did and I'm assuming what I have is the most recent version: version Is it just me, or does the MIDI trumpet sound like absolute garbage now? I'm genuinely upset about this so please tell me I'm not the only one who has noticed it.


There have not been changes to this sound for years as far as I know. I'm listening to 3.2.3 and 2.3.2 (oldest version I have access to at the moment) back to back, and they seem identical.

My guess is you were previously using a custom soundfont and you'll need to reinstall that.

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That's weird because I don't remember ever installing a custom soundfont before. But I must be going crazy because they definitely sound different to my ears. In the newest version the timbre is brighter, the attacks sound more muddy, and on sustained notes it doesn't maintain the same dynamic throughout.

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I know this is a late reply, but I am in the EXACT same situation. I never use custom soundfonts. I just updated to 3.3 and everything sounds fine except the trumpet. It has a weird laggy attack and the sustain sounds weird and it gets quiet. Have you found a solution to this problem? If you did it would help me out a TON!


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Updated from what? As mentioned above, this sound shouldn't have changed any time recently - really in quite a long time. If you updated from 1.something (like from five years ago) then it's certainly a different soundfont, not just for trumpet but for everything. Other than that, though, it should be pretty much unchanged for the past several years as far as I know.

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Are you using the exact same soundfonts? To assure you are you can open both versions. In version 3 open edit->Preferences and copy the path in the soundfonts field in the general tab. Open version 2 and go to the same field, place a comma after the existing path and paste the path from version 3. This will allow you to load the soundfont from version 3 into the synthesizer and assure you are comparing the same soundfonts.

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That's fine, just put a comma after the path in your version 2 preferences then paste the version 3 path after it so you can see if the sounds are the same. You could also put the comma followed by the version 2 path into the version 3 preferences and listen to both in version 3 also. In the synthesizer, make sure you have the exact same soundfonts loaded so you can compare the trumpet sounds for the two soundfonts as well as the two programs. This will allow you to tell if the difference in sound is related to the soundfont, the program or some other variable we have not yet discussed.

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At which release did you see this change? For 3.1 the soundfont needed to be tweaked to support single note dynamics, but the basic samples shouldn't have been affected. And reveritng to version ore-single-note-dynamics means giving up that feature, at least in part. But the differences should be extremely subtle, sounds like the people in this thread are experiencing something other than this. Maybe if people who are perceiving a problem exported MP3 files before and after so we can all hear what you are hearing, we could understand better.

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No, not just that, there's a bit more

  • Tweaked the use of the modulation envelope on the following presets and their expressive variants:
    • "000:056 Trumpet"
    • "000:057 Trombone"
    • "000:059 Harmon Mute Trumpet"
    • "000:060 French Horns"
    • "000:071 Clarinet"
    • "008:063 Synth Brass 4"
  • Fixed the pitch of the sample at Ab2-A2 in "000:017 Percussive Organ", "008:017 Detuned Organ 2" and their expressive variants.
  • All instruments have been updated to cancel the default SoundFont 2.04 "velocity-to-filter cutoff" modulator. Previously, only the SoundFont 2.01 version of this modulator was being canceled, but now both versions should be canceled when using synths that support modulators. This change only impacts the use of the SoundFont outside of MuseScore.
  • Added missing velocity override modulators in "000:102 Echo Drops" and its expressive variant.

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The thing is, it's not clear to me which versions people are comparing - 2.3.2 against 3.3.? Or 3.2 against 3.3? Or 3.0 against 3.3? It's also not clear if they have specific synthesizer settings or something going on in their particular scores that causes them to hear something different from me. All I know is, I did the comparison myself when someone first mentioned a change, and I could hear anything. Maybe there is some sort of exrtremely subtle difference in the attack that is only apparent when listening through expensive headphones, but certainly nothing so obvious it should have been scampering back to earlier buggier releases.

Your comparison does seem to show a difference I can hear, although it's pretty subtle. So maybe you are doing a different comparison than I did.

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