wejście midi

• May 24, 2019 - 20:03

Nie mogę uruchomić wprowadzania nut przez midi


Instrukcja nie została przetłumaczona na język polski i nie mówię po polsku, ale zrobię, co w mojej mocy, aby pomóc.

Zgaduję, że masz podłączone urządzenie MIDI. Czy działa w innych programach?

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Make sure the chord that is in the "IN" port on the keyboard goes to the "OUT" port on the computer and the "OUT" port on the keyboard is plugged into the "IN" port.

If that is not an issue, make sure you turn on the keyboard before you start MuseScore.

Let us know if this doesn't work and we'll look at something else. It's bedtime here so I'll look for an answer in the morning.

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In View->Properties there is a tab that says "I/O" in English and probably something very different in Polish. There is a button in that tab that says Resart Audio and MIDI Devices. After you check the dropdowns in that tab to make sure your MIDI device is selected, clicking that button will often fix the problem of you keyboard not working properly.

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