Note pitch problem

• 5月 3, 2020 - 10:25

pitch.png As the attached picture, why the two notes got different pitches ?


In order to understand and assist better, we would need you to attach the actual score, not just a picture. Probably the C# was entered as such, then dragged to appear on a different space, or maybe the fix to line setting is being used in the Inspector.

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As I said, it looks like you actually did enter a C#, then simply dragged the note downward to make it look liek an A. But it's still a C#. Dragging notes around is not nroammyl the way to enter or edit notes in MsueScore. If you enter the wrong pitch, as you apparently did here, then wish to change it (from C# to A), don't drag it - use the arrow keys to lower the pitch.

To fix this, click the bad note and press Ctrl+R, which resets it back to where it was before you dragged it down - back to the space above. Now if you want it to be an A, don't drag it, just use the arrow keys to move it down.

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I used to use a mouse to input notes, simply select a note duration from toolbar, then click on the score line, drag the note to the correct position, if fact I did not know how to add a note by using keyboard.

I did this for old versions musescore, does musescore v3 change the feature ?

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To be clear: nothing has changed since older versions: dragging notes remains possible, but it has never been a recommended way of working. The most recommended (because it is by far the most efficient) is to not use the mouse at all - select the duration using the shortcuts (eg, 4/5/6 for eighth/quarter/half), then type the letter name of the note you want. For people who don't wish to remember the duration shortcuts, we also recommend clicking to select duration but then still typing the letter names - it's still much faster than and more accurate than clicking to actually enter the note. And if you do use the mouse to enter notes, the recommended method is to click directly on the line or space you wish to enter the note on, not enter it onto one line then drag it. This can work, but if you double-click instead of single click, that is how you apply manual adjustments to the position of a note (needed in certain cases to avoid certain collisions or customize the spacing). So if you wish to keep using the mouse rather than type the letter names, that's fine, but we really recommend clicking the correct location in the first place, not clicking first then dragging, Dragging is slower and more error-prone. And if you do find you need to change a pitch after initially entering the note, again, we recommend the arrows keys as being faster and more accurate.

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