Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority 升序 Version Replies Last updated
Incompatible paste operations cause score to jump to beginning active 3.6 0 1年
Interrupting playback by opening another score doesn't set the start point to the first measure for the new score active 3.2 0 2年
Enharmonic spelling to include courtsey accidentals active 2.1 18 5年 Screen Share Audio Issues active 3.6 6 5個月
Lines: if a system break is applied, UNDO does not restore the lines correctly active 3.3 1 2年
Can't import external svg file into palette since overhaul PR created 3.3 5 2年
Thicker hooks, needed feature for the visually impaired musicians active 2.1 6 6年
Beam over 16th rests connected to eighth note appear as 8th note beam active 3.6 5 10個月
Elements with extremely large manual adjustments should have autoplace disabled on import active 3.3 20 2年
Saving/reloading score after editing a dynamic causes linked elements to lose edits PR created 3.6 3 9個月
Expose Score's utick2utime and utime2utick to plugins active 2.1 1 5年
Cut, paste, undo, paste, crash active 3.6 6 9個月
Nightly page needs updating active 6 1年
disable automatic shifting of display active 2.1 1 5年
Unhiding empty bars active 3.6 1 8個月
Over tooltip in piano roll keyword does not match written notation when using trasposition instruments active 3.3 0 2年
please allow configuring repeat sign to note distance active 3.6 8 7個月
Octave shortcut is not working on macOS using Swiss-French keyboard active 3.3 5 2年
Slurs and Hairpins crossing voltas and codas active 3.0 1 4年
[Musicxml Export] - Unable to export score in concert pitches active 3.6 2 6個月
"Hide empty staves" doesn't take effect after horizontal frame active 3.4 1 2年
when in lyrics mode, using particular keyboard, UNDERSCORE doesn't trigger the melisma line active 2.1 5 5年
Request for piano keyboard hover text to spell accidentals consistently with selected note if possible. active 3.6 14 5個月
Add articulations above the beams with cross-staff notation active 3.4 3 2年
Support for playback of ghost notes for Strings and Winds. active 3.0 2 5年