MS4 - hooks on both ends of a line?

• Jan 19, 2023 - 09:42

In Musescore 4, can you only add a hook to the end of a line, and not to the start? I can only find one option, which adds to the end only. Opening files from MS3, lines with hooks on both ends seems to be supported - they view as normal. I just can't figure out to make them. The handbook didn't seem to add any information to this, other than saying that hooks are an option.


I agree that this seems to be a regression in MS 4.0 - which is a great pity. I hope that the Properties panel can be improved to give more control over the Line object.

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Adding a "line" from the "lines" palett. The see in properties under "text line", and you can choose the "line type".
This adds end different styles of hookes to the end of the line, which is very useful. In MS3 you could also add a hook to the start of the same line, but I can't find that option.
This might be a bug, an oversight or intentional - but before adding a bug report I'd like to know if I'm missing something... :-)

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