Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
additional flags appearing on cross-staff beams after staffs are hidden active 3.6 8 不久
CLI Style Conversion Doesn't Copy <musicalSymbolFont> to Parts active 3.x-dev 0 2年
Changes in the score not reflected across the parts active 3.2 1 1年
App freezes very often needs info 3.6 2 不久
Relocate the “Timewise Delete” menu item active 3.0 4 2年
Extra whitespace around flat symbol in chords when using custom fonts active 3.0 11 1年
Increased Bracket Functionality active 2.1 3 5年
Courtesy clef at section breaks active 3.6 0 不久
Add Instruments to existing parts active 3.0 0 2年
Suggestion for "select all alike" feature. active 3.2 3 1年
Make layer/versions feature no longer experimental active 3.0 4 5年
Allow playback of "7/6" chord symbols active 3.6 2 不久
Issue for issues active 3.0 4 2年
Upgrade to MuseScore 3.0 from 2.3 unable to execute needs info 3.3 2 1年
Crash when apply changes to midi import panel after moving/deleting midi file active 2.1 0 5年
Header (including page number) is placed within printable area of page, allowing collisions active 3.6 4 不久
Navigator not working needs info 3.0 12 2年
"Customize Toolbar" not persistent needs info 3.3 7 1年
QML spanners are not exposed to plugins active 1 不久
Certain chord symbols don't export to MusicXML correctly active 3.6 16 不久
Acciaccatura before note connected with glissando has wrong playback active 3.0 6 2年
Erasure of palette search string in 3.3 is much more inefficient (time-consuming) than 3.2.3 active 3.3 4 1年
IME switch and naturally crescendo active 2.1 0 4年
During Playback of an Individual Instrument Part of a Score, If Solo, at any time, transitions from On to Off in the Mixer for the Instrument Part, other Non-Muted Instruments in the Full Score Play for that Part when Solo is Off. active 3.6 4 不久
Nightly page needs updating active 6 不久