Introducing the new "Repitch Mode"

• إبريل 24, 2013 - 12:28

A popular feature request was a way to modify pitches without changing the rhythm and markings (articulations, slurs etc...). It's now possible with the "Repitch Mode". Watch this video to see it in action!

The new "Repitch Mode" is available in the nightly builds. Feel free to test it and give feedback!


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The feature is not released yet, so first step is to download and install one of the experimental nightly builds if you want to play with this or any other upcoming feature. There buids are very much orerelease, so don't expect to do real work with them. But you can find them using the download link in the menu at right of this oage - just scroll down to where it talks about nightly builds.

Once you've installed one, the the repitch mode is an icon on the note input toolbar. You should see it to the left of the duration icons. Simply choose this instead of a duration, then start typing the mew pitches. The new pitches will replace the old ones, following the original rhythm.

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