Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Button stop playing is not working active 3.5 11 1 year
Bends: make prebend optional so that down bends can be notated active 3.0 11 2 months
Dynamics are positioned differently depending on stem direction, and horizontal offset is added on copy and paste needs info 11 1 year
Store instrument- and partnames in a language indendent manner active 11 2 years
Provide a link from forum profile or settings to post history active 2.2 11 5 years
Extra whitespace around flat symbol in chords when using custom fonts active 3.0 11 1 year
When attaching a dynamic to a hairpin, the hairpin doesn't play back unless velocity is edited in the inspector active 3.6 11 6 months
Chord symbols: in some cases, 0 (zero) does not turn into ø active P2 - Medium 3.3 11 4 months
Line on "Volta" (1., 2. etc) won't show after closing and reopening a saved file/score needs info 3.6 11 6 days
Palette item not showing on score, until refresh. needs info 2.1 11 4 years
Hiding empty staves within a system hides all parts needs info 3.6 11 2 weeks
Request 128th tremolo active 3.0 11 8 months
Mid score key sig change causes all saves to become unusable, no error message, MS3 hangs. needs info P0 - Critical 3.0 11 3 years
Incorrect display of workspaces after installing MDL active P1 - High 3.0 11 2 years
Palette elements are deleted without any confirm message on palettes created in older versions active 3.4 11 1 year
QML Spinner doesn't work with MuseScore custom UI style active 11 7 years
Lyrics top margin representing distance from lowest note of staff in system active 11 7 years
[Mac 10.10] Unable to open both files of same name and different extension active 11 2 years
Automatic crash while trying to export to audio formats in MuseScore 3.5.2 needs info 3.5 11 1 year
Problem with playback velocity with dynamics and hairpins active 11 6 years
Show string tuning after TAB clef active 3.0 11 7 months
Pop up window to try to improve score too large for screen needs info 3.6 11 11 months
Load sfz in background active 3.0 11 4 years
Hairpin changes length if a dynamic is added active 3.6 11 6 months
Printing umlauts from FreeSerif or FreeSans doesn't work with certain printers active 2.1 11 3 years