Drum Part Questions

• Dec 23, 2013 - 20:25

Hi, all,

Two questions about multi-voice drum parts:

1) I have numerous triplets that are repeated in 2 or 3 voices. How do I separate them so they are more readable? Options I have seen on other scores include: shortening the triplet stems for voices 2-3, or ofsetting the notes in voices 2-3 from those in voice 1. Are these possible? Other suggestions?

2) I have been unable to force MuseScore 1.3 to use the"circle-X" notation for cymbals for half- and whole-notes. Can this be done?

Drum part file attached.

Thanks again, and happy holidays!

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Voices 1 & 2 normally have opposing stems, so an offset is only necessary if you go to a third voice. And that's really not necessary in your example, nor is it very common. For example, in measure 32, why not have the snare & cymbal in the same voice? Actually that could be done throughout the chart - the way you have it, cymbal and snare are in different voices but create the optical illusion of being the same voice because the stems overlap. Much better to actually have them be in the same voice.

But in the relatively uncommon cases where you actually do need to go to a third voice, you can edit the position of notes or length of stems or height of beam by double clicking and using the arrow keys.

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