Reset selected text formattings to styles

• 12. Apr 2017 - 20:34

I have several similar partitions and saved one of them as a style. My object was to get an identical look in all partitions.
I loaded that style in another partition but the new styles were not applied, e.g. the lyrics text styles. The partition has 12p lyrics text in both odd and even lines. When I load the style with 13p lyrics text for that partition the style of lyrics is adjusted to 13p in the text styles menu, but the actual lyrics in the partition remain at 12p. Is there a trick to apply the newly loaded 13p style to the existing lyrics?


Found solution:
1. Select one lyrics element, then context menu: select > all similar elements
2. open inspector F8
3. click on "reset text to style".
A bit round the corner but, hey, the app is free. :)

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