Drum font freely positionable as text

• 4. Sep 2009 - 11:32

Dear all

There is a growing community of composers for Swiss Drum or Basler Drums resp. using a
so called "Trommelfont", a freely available font with drum notation to use with Word, Excel,
Corel Draw etc. The notation for drum figures is different from snare notation elsewhere. Lots
of abbreviation for rolls and figures based on rolls are used.

Example of a composition written in Trommelfont:
- http://www2.ztpv.ch/getit.php?komp_id=47

The installable Trommelfont:
- http://www.trommelfont.ch/trommelfont/2006Trommelfont.zip

My question is, if there is a way to integrate that font into MuseScore e.g. to note
primarily compositions having a drum line, cymbals, bass, hi-hat. The easiest
way would probably be to add Trommelfont as free positionalbe text. Unfortunately
I could not find a freely placable text box or such. It is not (yet) nescessary to play
what has been noted with Trommelfont.

Yet another question is, if there is a way to write custom fonts easily integratable
to MuseScore that might be playable.

Your feedback would be welcome. Thank you in advance, Urs


Hello Urs.

Some time ago there was a call for font designers to help with the development of a jazz font. Your discussion seems to be a continuation of that, especially if, as i read in your meswsage, you would like to contribute?

I do not in any way represent this product, but I uae it and am interested in its development.

Best regards,

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