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Forum topic Request for (developing) a fontset for "rudimental drumming". ugehrig 12 vor 5 Monaten
Issue Adding new SMuFL glyphs to MuseScore notehead library. ugehrig 15 vor 5 Monaten
Forum topic Swiss Drumming Notation lwesp 7 vor 2 Jahren
Forum topic Custom snare font set ugehrig 1 vor 10 Jahren
Forum topic Switching from one instrument set to another in one sheet ugehrig 1 vor 11 Jahren
Forum topic Custom font integration e.g. as symbols ugehrig 1 vor 12 Jahren
Forum topic Wrong rest duration after changing from note to rest ugehrig 2 vor 12 Jahren
Forum topic 8 x 8 measures ugehrig 1 vor 12 Jahren
Forum topic Drum font freely positionable as text ugehrig 3 vor 12 Jahren