Swiss Drumming Notation

• Dec 18, 2019 - 16:27

My Question is about drumming notation. In MuseScore you can easily write scores for drums. I'm wondering if its possible to write with the swiss notation (Monolinear Drum Scores) created by Dr. Fritz Berger. I've added pictures to this post to visualize how the swiss notation works. Is it even possible to write like this? Where do i have to begin?

Additional information: In swiss drumming the right hand is above, the left hand is under the staff line.

I dont know in which category this post should be.

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Dear Marc, thank you for your feedback. As far as we understand, there are some specific font elements missing in the font used in MuseScore. The attached file lines out, which four elements we would need, to start with that "Swiss Drumming Notation". The idea would be to add sounds to those font elements later on. I have written in some more details on what we are looking for on

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