Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Aufsteigend sortieren
Mordent pitch issue (4.x regression) active 4.0 1 50 Minuten
Midi Keyboard Input Latency Makes It Unusable active 4.0 9 3 Stunden
Lyric elision using slur marks, between notes, not for a single note active 14 3 Tagen
Dynamics copied from second volta GitHub issue 4.0 4 6 Tagen
Metric modulations AKA relative tempos don't set tempo right GitHub issue P2 - Medium 3.0 12 6 Tagen
PDF Export does not set the PDF "Author" Property GitHub issue 3.1 6 6 Tagen
Glissando line thickness control active 3.4 21 einer Woche
Add a "second time only" option (For repeats, not Volta) GitHub issue 47 einer Woche
Crashes when removing voice visibility from part active 4.0 7 einer Woche
Allow Cut / Copy / Paste of frames GitHub issue 3.5 6 einer Woche
MS Basic playback will sustain a note indefinitely on some noteheads active 4.0 8 2 Wochen
Chord symbol playback: "Realize chord symbols" dialog shows an extra root note active 3.x-dev 17 2 Wochen
MuseScore does not get past splash screen. active 4.0 11 2 Wochen
Playback for certain parts stop working within a certain amount of time of working. active 4.0 4 2 Wochen
Add option to hide numbers on measures with rehearsal marks GitHub issue 7 2 Wochen
very slow and playback sucks needs info 4.0 16 2 Wochen
Header, Footer dialog: Tooltip pops up even when you hover over a grey area. active P1 - High 3.0 4 2 Wochen
Add a Glissando keyboard shortcut active 3.6 5 3 Wochen
Playback about 1.25 of a halfstep lower than written down (Musescore 4) active 4.0 4 3 Wochen
musescore 4.1 doesnt play any sounds on linux 22.04 active 4.0 19 4 Wochen
Lyric hyphen and melisma insertion not working on Estonian keyboard on Musescore 4.0.0 rev 5485621 GitHub issue 4.0 10 4 Wochen
Not being able to edit 'staff text line' or 'system text line' active 4.0 10 einem Monat
Significant lag for in-app playback in musescore 4 active 4.0 34 einem Monat
Allow copy/paste partial tuplets active 3.5 35 einem Monat
Unable to add a glissando between two grace notes. active 11 einem Monat