Alignment of staves across pages.

• Jun 9, 2020 - 12:10

Is there a way to align the staves across multiple pages?

When pauses or crescendo marks , for example , have been inserted into one page of a piece the stave spacing expands to accommodate them but adjacent pages remain as they were. This means that musicians who were used to seeing their place 3 " below the top of the page now find that the next page they are only 2" from the top.
Is there a way of tidying this up at the end of a composition?


Musicians sholdn't normally be reading from the score but from individual parts. It would be very unusual to read from a score except in choral music, but this is rarely only system per page, so position on the the page isn't that relevant. Can you attach a score that demonstrates what you mean so we can understand better?

If you have only one system per page and literally want every staff on the same position on every page, you will need to increase the staff distance to be big enough to accommodate the most space needed anywhere.

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Thanks Marc,
My background is indeed in choral music and this is still my first attempt at composition. I was trying to get good presentation to submit to an orchestral competition and was obviously trying to gild the lily. I thought that there would be an Align Button that would increase the staff distance to accommodate the most space needed anywhere (with Undo available should it not work well).
You've answered my question so there is no need for me to send you a copy of my score. You've understood my predicament and answered it fully.

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OK. I would say unless the competition rules call for this, it's not worth the trouble of adding spacers to do this. It's not the norm at all in orchestral music to have staves perfectly aligned from page to page, that would actually be quite unusual. People do often juggle spacing to get the bottom margins to line up, but the alignment of staves themselves would normally vary still, some staves might even be hidden in some systems because they are empty (MuseScore can do that automatically), etc.

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