• Jun 11, 2020 - 01:15

In the play panel, bellow the tempo control, Musescore 3 presents two numbers: xx% and #BPM. It seems that #BPM does not shows beat/minute but shows quarter note per minute. It should be like that?

If the denominator of the compass fraction is 4 it makes no difference, since 4 is the quarter note. For other denominator, it seems that musescore is showing the wrong number of beats per minute. It plays right, and even the metronome is right, but shows the wrong number.

It would be good if Musescore changes the label from BPM to QPM or, much better, change the number from QPM to BPM to really show beats per minute..



In any times signature that has 4 as a denominator, every quarter note duration represents a beat.

I have studies music for over 60 years and it has always been understood.

Can you give an example where this is confusing?


Indeed BPM really means QPM in MuseScore, as that is also what it does in MIDI
And no, in 12/8 and 6/8 a dotted quarter is the beat, in 2/2 it is a half

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I'm not an expert, but from what I've seen, it depends on the tempo. For 6/8 at a slow tempo, the beat is a dotted quarter as you say (two beats per measure), but for 6/8 at a fast tempo, the beat is an eighth (six beats per measure).

And the distinction between “slow” and “fast” depends on whatever the composer/arranger has decided for that piece or song.

It never really bothered me once I understood that it was QPM.
I agree though that it would be more natural to actually show the (closest matching) BPM instead in the play panel. For the inspector for tempo markings I'd rather change the label to BPM instead, as showing QPM might be inaccurate there, given the internal value is QPM. (Then again, rounding could be taken into account both ways)

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