Lyrics: Different number of syllables in different verses

• Jun 23, 2020 - 01:26

In my pop-song lead sheets I often have small differences from verse to verse in the number of syllables assigned to a melody note or notes. I leave it to the singer (usually me) to work it out. In the file Syllables.png (attached) the first verse has the lyric "In" set to the single eighth-note in the melody. In the second verse, the same eighth-note covers three syllables, "And if you". If I enter spaces between the words, Musescore will move to the next note. So I keep the three words together by separating them with periods. This is an OK workaround, but I'd prefer to be able to use spaces without forcing a move to the next note. Is there any way to accomplish this? If not, please consider this a feature request for what could be called a "non-advancing space". This corresponds to the "non-breaking space" which in Microsoft Word forces words to remain in the same line rather than breaking between two lines. It would be handy to have a keystroke like Control-Space to generate a non-advancing space.

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Thanks, Shoichi. I see that this feature is listed in the online manual under Lyrics: Special characters. The combination Alt+Space is given for Mac. On Mac systems that combination is typically used by the OS to open the Spotlight search, but Opt+Space works fine. I have edited the handbook to add this combination for Mac.

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