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I'm creating a staff and tab sheet score. I want to add a capo at the first fret on my tab so the music on the staff will move up 1 semitone but the tab will remain the same (but will indicate capo at first fret). Is this possible?


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Thanks for the quick reply. I probably didn't provide enough info in the first message. What I'm trying to do is transcribe a YouTube guitar video (the tutor has a capo on first fret) and compare it with sheet music to check if the guitar with the capo is playing the same notes as the sheet music ( a few sound off). I'm using a tab and staff combined score to do this. When I put a capo on the tab, I want the fret positions on the tab to stay the same, but I want the notes on the staff to transpose to show the actual pitch of the notes being played (ie capo on fret 1, top E is shown as 0 on open first string on tab but is shown as F on sheet music. Will this happen if I follow your instructions (I'm going to try it, but if it doesn't I thought I might ask first!).
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Mmm, this has proved rather tricky but I found a way that worked for me with MS3.4.2 on Windows.

1) Start with a score that only has the TAB stave.
2) Select all notes, (ctrl-A), and shift them all up 1 fret, (press up-arrow)
3) Press ESC to unselect the notes
4) Add a linked notation stave - this will automatically have the 1 fret transpose just applied
5) Edit the tab string data and move each string up by 1 semitone - this will change the tab to look like capo 1 but will not change the notation
6) Add stave text "Capo 1" for the player but DO NOT actually apply any capo setting in the text properties

There's probably an easier workaround but I haven't found one yet.

It would be nice if MS had the same option that GP has to make this a single tickbox option:


If you think that this would be useful you could raise a suggestion issue for it.

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